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Someone told me that to activate The Mummy's Curse World Change we have to kill the  Honours Guards that we can see around the Southern Darama Desert, but I don't know if this is true, someone knows if this is right, how many  Honours Guard we have to kill and how often we can do it?

Thanks in advance.

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According to tibiopedia.pl "Aby to przyspieszyć możemy zabijać Honour Guardy - nie zostało to potwierdzone." - means that you can help Horestis getting strengh again by killing Honour Guards, but it isn't confirmed.


According to tibiawiki.com.br you need to kill Honour Guards to make Horestis appear again, but there is no info mentioned about ammount of Honour Guards.


Finally on tibia.fandom.com I have found an interesting information that: "It is said that all Honour Guards need to be killed in order for the monsters in Horestis Tomb to spawn again after Horestis fall." - so as I understood, we need to kill whole respawn of Honour Guards among the desert at least once to make Horestis back.