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Hello! Today I was looking through the Cyclopedia and I found an item in the Cyclopedia that wasn't isn't a category. The item is called a Doll. Does anyone know if it's possible to obtain this doll or see it in Tibia? Thanks in advance, and here's the picture of the Doll in the Cyclopedia:

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Sadly the DollDoll (Blond)appears to be unobtainable at this time. There's no record according to my resource that anyone has this item and we can't see it in the game anywhere from my understanding. This is just my opinion but the doll could possibly represent someone.. maybe Stephan! This is just me guessing what the doll is for but honestly, I can't tell you if it's the truth or not. Also, his hair and smile resemble Vaultboy from Fallout to me at least.

"This item was implemented with Update 7.92, suggesting that it was related to Tibia's 10th Anniversary. However, nobody got it from Surprise Bags nor from the special Primitive and Demonic Raids. It is believed to be an Unobtainable Item."


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Maybe it can be for a future update, lots of items can only be obtainable after some time or it could be a very rare doll not obtainable yet....
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