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I'm trying to feed my demon infant some beer. Is it possible if you could tell me all the easy locations I can find a beer keg or cask? You don't need to include every location but can do that if you'd like. This will also be a good idea to mention for the Hot Cuisine quest...

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In my opinion the best place is in Liberty bay. Because the barrels are close to the depot.

I also recommend using Port Hope. You'll find a lemonade cask there. 

Thais is also close to the depot.

In Svargrond near Rashid -1

In Carlin near the depot. 

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You can find one beer cask in Adventurer's Guild next to NPC Yana.  Another one is found at the NPC Lyonel in Liberty Bay, he's located where Rashid appears.
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beer casks can be found in almost every town tavern but it’s good examples too
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Sure, I just said the ones I know the locations.