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I don't think I'm a suitable mother on one of my low-level characters. Am I able to let my higher-level character take care of the baby? Or can I pass the baby to another friend? If possible, will I be able to return the pleased infant and get a reward if someone else takes care of my baby?

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You won't receive any reward if other character take care of your demon infant, This mean your specific character needs to do the tasks required by the baby demon to be able to return it to demon mother and get the reward.
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No other player can only receive 1 reward, so it can only deliver one demon infant to NPC
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What happens if one of my demon infants (on my main 300) ask for a dragon ham and other demon infant ask for kiss a Dragon (on lvl 8), it's possible toe xchange them with each other? So I can give to my noob the demon infant who ask for the dragon ham or it will not count that tasks?
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nope, the tasks are char bound, you can exchange infants and it will still give you the same task
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No other player can’t make the tasks for you...

It’s the action that counts, so you need to click in the demon infant 6 times and make that 6 tasks to get the reward...
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Ahhh okey, so the task is per char not per demon infant, interesting +1!
On that subject, I was wondering did anyone experienced or experimented with babies- see below scenario:

I have been doing Babysitting on a few chars. Of course I mix them up a few times...  & I had situation as follows:
I accomplished Baby task on char "X"- which was eating dragon ham. Then logged in on the char "Y" to see what baby infant wants (go to Draconia). Did not finish the task on char Y & logged back on char "X". I accidentally pressed baby and... baby fell asleep (following notification was displayed when pressing on the baby "The little demon is sleeping")- for 20 hrs.
When pressing an infant with char X  on Infant which belonged to Y i received message which was for finishing task of eating dragons.

If you trying to finish task on other char - which has already task done- you are receiving penalty of 20hrs cool down on the Infant.

Haven't tried to accomplish task on the other char who had no Infant task started- has anyone tried? What does it say?
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if the char never got a demon infant and click on it you just receive a new task... be careful with sharing the demon babies with other chars sometimes you bug it and neither chars can complete any task
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