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My demon baby wants a lava bath. Where can I go? I know the common spot is on the way to Fibula where there's a bridge at the entrance and you use the lava right there... but maybe there are other locations? If you could include images this will be helpful on where to click :)
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I just go to Kazordoon main gate, there's lava right there near the minecart.

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It can be in places with lava, but there can be no border between the character and the lava. Another location I know of is at Mount Sternum, a mountain that is northeast of Thais and southwest of Kazordoon. Another location is the one you mentioned, in Fibula, on the bridge, I used my baby there yesterday. I tried to use it on the Goroma volcano but I couldn't. I'll try elsewhere and if successful, I'll come back here.

1. Mount Sternum:

2. Draconia:

3. Fibula:

Places that don't work: 

1. Warzone 

2. Goroma

3. Thais

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I'll post pictures of the locations. :) I'll try to test Hellgate too and other places, as in the wz gnomes task, if I get results I'll come back here and add more information in the answer
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Didn't know about the Cyclops location great catch
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