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You need to do some tasks with the baby demon each 20 hours, and you fail if you don't do it in a certain time. My question is how long it takes to fail if you forget to do what the baby demon wants?

PS: Sorry if I don't express really good in question,I'm not a native speaker. Feel free to tell me to reformulate the question, thanks.
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I dont get your question, the cooldown is 20h so that is the time you have to do the tasks, or you will fail.
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Everything was fine with your question, I just edited the spelling of the word 'without'.

Edit: I take that back, apparently not. Sorry Oriibsz, didnt see your comment until I posted
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I mean, I can only do the next task in 20 hours, but for example if i Take 21 hours, I'll fail? Or it's like if I don't do it in 24 hours..

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Demons Lullaby Event

The Event runs from SS May 7th till SS May 14th, so you don't actually 'fail' until you fail to complete 6 tasks and and return the pleased baby to its Demon Mother when SS May 14th occurs, and your World server doesn't fail until 500 pleased Demon Babies  are not returned to the Demon Mother at SS May 14th.

Once you click on the crying demon baby , the task is 'active' until the Event ends

The 20 hours you mentioned refers to the cooldown period between completing one task and starting another. This means you complete one task, the baby sleeps for 20 hours and after the 20 hours the baby starts crying and you can click on it and start the next task. Whether you click on it right after the 20 hours is up or any time after that doesn't matter. What matters is that the 6 tasks are finished and the 'pleased' Demon infant is returned to the Demon Mother before SS on May 14th

Edit for clarity on question asked in comments

Hope this answers your question, if not let me know and I'll provide what information you need

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I mean, I need to do exactly each 20 hours or can I do like one task each 22-24 hours?
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I edited my answer. Does this answer your question or is it still unclear? Let me know and I'll adjust accordingly
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Sure, now I understood this, thank you. So you need to do 1 task per server save, to simplify.
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Thats the way I do it just to keep it simple and easy to keep track of.
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I'll try to explain it in a different way than Severblade did :D

As we already know event Demon's Lullaby starts 7 May after SS and ends 14 May with SS.

To get a reward we need to finish 6 tasks. Each task we can do after 20 hours since we did the former one.

In case if we forget to take our little Demon Infant after SS on 7 May from Demon Motherwe can start the quest the latest at 9 May, about 1:00 PM CEST and give back the infant to his mother before SS on 14 May.



It means that you can waste more than 48 hours bero you start the quest or between your tasks. It's your additional time.


You can make 1st task just after SS on 7 May. 2nd task you can easily make after 28 hours. 3rd task you can make after 22 hours... and so on. As soon as you are able to complete 6 tasks during Demon's Lullaby event, time between each tasks may be different than 20h.

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