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It seems there is many rare items displayed in the Isle of Merriment- what are they ?

I will appreciate list as per locations of the items- left side, right side etc.
related to an answer for: Where can I find a Doll (Blond)?

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Bonfire Amulet.gifBonfire Amulet

Broken Amulet.gifBroken Amulet

Golden Scorpion Pendant.gifGolden Scorpion Pendant

Bronze Necklace.gifBronze Necklace

Silver Necklace.gifSilver Necklace

Amazon Shield.gifAmazon Shield

Blessed Shield.gifBlessed Shield

Shield of Honour.gifShield of Honour

Rose Shield.gifRose Shield

Eagle Shield.gifEagle Shield


Girl's Dress.gifGirl's Dress


Throwing Star of Sula.gifThrowing Star of Sula

Yol's Bow.gifYol's bow

Elethriel's Elemental Bow.gifElethriel's elemental bow

Lich Staff.gifLich Staff

Wand of Dimensions.gifWand of Dimensions

Thunder Hammer.gifThunder Hammer

Hammer of Prophecy.gifHammer of Prophecy

Dark Trinity Mace.gifDark Trinity Mace

Light Mace.gifLight Mace

Solar Axe.gifSolar Axe

The Epiphany.gifThe Epiphany

The Calamity.gifThe Calamity

Warlord Sword.gifWarlord Sword

Magic Longsword.gifMagic Longsword

Dragon Scale Legs.gifDragon Scale Legs


Winged Helmet.gifWinged Helmet


Ceremonial Mask.gifCeremonial Mask

Golden Helmet.gifGolden Helmet

Horned Helmet.gifHorned Helmet

Amazon Helmet.gifAmazon Helmet

Ball Gown.gifBall Gown

Red Tunic.gifRed Tunic

Witchhunter's Coat.gifWitchunter's Coat

White Dress.gifWhite Dress

Native Armor.gifNative Armor

Amazon Armor.gifAmazon Armor


Message in a Bottle.gifMessage in a Bottle

Doll (Blond)Doll (Blond)

Babel Swimmer.gifBabel Swimmer

Surprise Bag (Yellow).gifSurprise Bag (Yellow)

Yellow Rose.gifYellow Rose

Armageddon Plans

Grey Tome.gifGrey Tome

Ornate Tome.gifOrnate Tome

Mysterious Scroll.gifMysterious Scroll

Crackling Egg.gifCrackling Egg

Menacing Egg.gifMenacing Egg

Boots of Waterwalking.gifBoots of Waterwalking


Patched Boots.gifPatched Boots

PiƱata Dragon.gifPinata Dragon

Roc Feather.gifRoc Feather  (removed in 2020)

Something Crawling (removed in 2020)

in 2020 they added:

Eye Of The Storm.gif Eye of the Storm

Seal of Quality.gif Seal of Quality

Source thanks to the Youtube Video by Lee Kun and part of Oriibsz answer~ In the Isle of Merriment they sometimes change the items.

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According with the last visit I have made on Test Winter Update 2020, this are all the items you can find and their locations:

  • South Corner (West Side): Bronze Amulet, Broken Amulet, Golden Scorpion Pendant and Silver Necklace.
  • South Corner (East Side): Eagle Shield, Shield of Honour, Rose Shield, Blessed Shield and Amazon Shield.
  • Middle Corner (West side): Yol's Bow, Elethriel's elemental bow, Throwing Star of Sula, Lich Staff, Dark Trinity Mace, Light Mace, Hammer of Prophecy, Thunder Hammer, Solar Axe, The Calamity, The Epiphany, Magic Longsword, Dragon Scale Legs, Summer Dress and Tunic.
  • Middle Corner (East Side): Pinata Dragon, Boost of Waterwalking, Patched Boots, Bunnyslippers, Crackling Egg, Menacing Egg, Eye of Storm, Mysterious Scroll, Armageddon Plans, Ornate Tome, Yellow Rose, Babel Swimmer, Message in a bottle, Seal of Quality, Surprise Bag and a Doll.
  • North Corner (West Side): Amazon Helmet, Winged Helmet, Crown, Golden Helmet, Horned Helmet and Ceremonial Mask.
  • North Corner (East Side): White Dress, Amazon Armor, Native Armor, Witchunter's Coar, Red Tunic and Ball Gown.

Was my first time on the isle I literally take pic of everything XD.

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Our answers probably will be outdated next years.
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we will edit xD
did you try to "fish out" message in the bottle?:D