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There's two kinds of maps the coloured one Map (Colour) and the brown one Map (Brown)

As you can tell from the question I am looking for the brown one. The wiki doesn't give further information about these two items and where to find them or how to get them. I couldn't even find if these are quests items. So, I want to know how to obtain the brown variation of Maps?

Link to the item I am looking for: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Map_(Brown)

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To obtain this map I know of two ways. The map name is the same for both. However, if you read the description it's different for each map!

Map (Brown) You see a map. It weighs 8.30 oz. "You see a map of our world Tibia" Obtained during the Purple Tome Quest

Map (Brown)You see a map. It weighs 8.30 oz. "The map shows the original floor plan of this mine. You recognise your position and that the shaft to the south actually would reach much further. (In the lower right corner someone scribbled a note how to use the hoist on the first mine floor.)" Obtained during the Formorgar Mines Hoist Quest

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Excellent answer!! Thank you!
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