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Recently during hunt I decided to explore new places and found this one:

Imagine sunbathing with Hellflayers! :D

I also know the place on Svargrond, where mammoths' hair is trimmed. You can find there small respawn of Mammoths and... Elephants (bald Mammoths)!

Are there more places in this style (funny or even ridiculous)? If yes, where can I faind it?

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The question as it stands is more forum-like than Q&A. It's a request to post any funny places encountered in Tibia. I'd suggest rephrasing it to something more fitting the question & answer style.
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Hope now it fits better. I asked about all such places to avoid chit-chat and giving one different example per each post.

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There is one place i recently find out in my way to Scarlet:

We can see the NPC Fitzgerald, very chill and relaxed hangout with the cobras haha. I want have the same felling when I run around here XD.

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lol xD Never seen this place before, haha :D Thanks!
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There is a whole list of Allusion on Tibia Wiki. Not all of them are places, mostly NPC names that refer to real people or companies. One of them is the Amazon headquarters under amazon camp. It has a mailbox and a room with a bunch of books. 


Here is an old one I have. I believe this was located under Venore. He was trying to dig his way out with a spoon.

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You are correct, that is under Venore, southwest corner
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Please note dying is not a laughing matter but some cemeteries in Tibia are just a piece of work. Let me explain some of the headstones in the Thais graveyards...

"You see a grave. You read: Here rests Mr.Bill G. He fell out of the window"  - A reference to Bill Gates and Windows.

"You see a grave. You read: Here rests the Lord of the Circles" - A reference to Lord of the Rings.

"You see a grave. You read: Nietzsche is dead. God"

"You see a grave. You read: God is dead. Nietzsche" It's interesting because they both killed each other?