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Hello! Today I was watching a stream where some guys were running a new cave called "Rotten Wasteland" where you can find  Branchy Crawler and  Rotten Golems.

During the stream this guy who was running says I got 'root?'. Idk if the right word is "root" but is what I understood, (feels free to correct me if I'm wrong) apart of that xD my interest is to know what does it means when a char got "root"?  What does this condition do on your char? How's it possible to remove it? Thanks in advance.

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According to tibia wiki its: This is a Special Condition where the character will not be able to move for 3 seconds, this condition can be applied by Rotten Golems and Branchy Crawlers, found in the Rotten Wasteland and you can't, you have to wait until the 3 seconds until it wears off.

Source: Wiki

Put simply, for 3 seconds you stand still without being able to escape the monsters. Because the golems "hold" you with their roots.

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The new area "rotten wasteland" got a mechanic that can make some player get stuck on floor for some seconds ( there is an animation on character feet when it start and when it ends), also after you get rotted you got some seconds of "imunity" to get rotted again and this is the right moment if you want pass monsters to the ek, watch out about get rotted near to the ek since some monster there give chain damage, pep tell to each other they got rotted cause sometimes knight can lack of heal or another player could need help cause cant move.