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Blooming Purple Nightshades can be harvested every 30 minutes during the Full Moon event (12th-14th of every month) to get Purple Nightshade Blossoms according to this How often can you harvest blooming purple nightshades to get purple nightshade blossoms? However, where are all the locations where I can find this plant? I know it's for a quest, but I use them for decoration.

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Hello! Shawtay what do you think I'm missing on my answer?

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Hello Shawtay!

The  Purple Nightshade Blossoms can be found at Grimvale during the Full Moon Event. There you will found 3 purple Nightshade that can be harvest. So, you can get 6 flowers each hour.

To reach Grimvale, travel to Edron and walk to Stonehome. To the north of Stonehome is a ferry run by Cornell, as the picture below shows:

Ask him to sail you to Grimvale (Hi - Sail - Yes / Hi - Grimvale - Yes). Once there just follow the following way:

Grimvale -1:


West Spot:

Right Spot:

Anyway when isn't Full Moon on those places you can found Purple Nightshade in place of the Blooming Purple Nightshades. Attempting to harvest a non-blooming Purple Nightshade will display a server message:

This purple nightshade is currently not blooming. No blossoms can be harvested.

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You're missing new locations
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I checked werewolf cave from south of Edron and Cormaya and I didn't find any also I checked Darashia Werehyenas there is nothing there too. Are you sure have more?
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I would re-check :)
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Sorry, but it seems you know the answer.
I'm afraid to say that I didn't find others locations.