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Hello, Everyone!

There is so many events but the most of them are for Premiums Accounts, even for those events that are localized on Free Accounts areas, for Example: Orcsoberfest, only Premiums can enter.

I know that we can get a present for Santa at Christmas, but we can't participe on Lightbearer Event or well we can only if a friends borrow us the antorch. So I want to know what are the events we can do with a Free Account? 

Thanks in advance.

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EventDate(s)What can I do?Free Account Rewards
Lightbearer EventNovember 11-15th (+15 days of rewards)Borrow a magical torch from a premium account friend and light at least 1 basin. You won't have access to all basins as most are in premium areas. You can also watch free account basins and loot midnight shards in which you can trade for experience.
  •  +10% Shared Experience until November 30.
  • Silver Fafnar Trophy 
  • Keeper of the Flame and I Did My Part achievements 
  • 20 Midnight Shards;
  • Brocade Backpack containing a Death Ring, a Ring of Healing, a Stealth Ring, a Time Ring, 50 Christmas Tokens, 2 Gold Ingots, a Giant Shimmering Pearl (Green) and 30 Small Topazes.
Tibia's AnniversaryJanuary 07–January 10Kill pinata dragons for the loot. Visit Nostalgia Island to enjoy some sprites. Visit Viginita to play some games:
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Can Knockdown 
  • Possibility of others depending on the event
  • 15% Bonus Experience Rate, chance to obtain unique items.
  • Pinata dragons can drop numerous things but the most notable would be the Ferumbras puppet
Rise of DevovorgaSeptember 1st–7th (rewards till October 1st)Significantly damage some mini bosses during this event to get rewarded depending on your level. You can only access the free account mini bosses.
  • Increased mana and health regeneration by 50%
  • Level 20+ Devovorga Statue Stone of Insight Demon Backpack containing 2 Tentacle Pieces, Berserk Potion, Mastermind Potion, Bullseye Potion and a Red Gem Level 
  • 40+ Demon Backpack containing 4 Tentacle Pieces, 6 Small Emeralds, a Soul Orb and a Solitude Charm
  • Level 70+ Demon Backpack containing 5 Tentacle Pieces, 3 Blue Giant Shimmering Pearls, and 5 Gold Ingots
  • Achievements- Teamplayer, I Did My Part, and by dealing damage to bosses, Slayer of Anmothra, Slayer of Phrodomo, Slayer of Teneshpar
Spring into LifeApril 16th–23rdHidden Nests can be found scattered through Tibia. Find them to obtain Surprise Nests, which can be used in order to get different rewards. Please note for free accounts you won't have access to get all surprise nests just 30 nests.
  • Dragon hatchlings yeild 25% more experience.
  • Surprise Nests  
A Pirates Death to Me (World task)Friday–Monday, if Friday falls between the 18th and 23rd, except March, September and October and, if A Piece of Cake or Bewitched is active, also February or June, respectively (+5 days of rewards)Time to find a team (5 players in total needed) you can participate in this event fully as it's located in Thais primarily. The Spectral Scum can spawn in various cities so keep that in mind. 
  • 10% more Experience points for undead creatures (excluding bosses) if the world reach 50 successful journeys.
  • For each success: 20 Platinum Coins and a Pirates Surprise in a Pirate Bag
  • Achievements- for 1st success: Ghost Sailor, for 5 successes: Spectral Traveller, for 10 successes: Nether Pirate, for 50 successes: Scourge of Death 

I wanted to add to what was already answered, I can't go over the character limit so I had to delete some things I hope you understand my chart. 

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/World_Quests

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Hi Shawtay.

Yes please feels free to add all the information you think is important, will be good to know for me and I believe for the rest to the community that have a Free Account :).
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you can take part in these events on free account:

[ source https://tibiopedia.pl/quests/main/event ] 


[ source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Events ]

I was thinking about events as lightbearer, devovorga or spring into life - you can do some on facc cities, but according to websites they are labeled "pacc" so I didn't add them here. 

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Hi Tynusiiaa!

I'm sure that with the Lightbearer you can to it, if you got a friend that borrow him antorch, so is possible to light the basins at POH and Hellgate. So is posibility for Free Account do it and get a little reward.

In case you know any posibility to do those events you mencioned before, feels free to add them.