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During Orcsoberfest you have the option to turn in your festive points and get a Stockfish. How can I make Stockfish myself that way I don't need to spend any festive points?

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Hi Shawtay!

To make your own Stockfish you have to:

Use one  Bass in a  Camfire.

The stockfish will regenerate your mana and hp for 420 seconds 

To get a Bass you will have to:

Go to the Orcsoberfest Island there you will see some fishing rods around the coast.  There are three types of rods, and each requires a different type of bait in order to be used. 

To use the  simple rod you will only need  worms to have the chance to catch a  Tiny Bass.

 Image source: Orcsoberfest

Once you got the Tiny Bass you will be able to use the Stout Fishing Rod, to have the possibility to get a Small Bass. And finally, you will can use the  advanced rod using a  small bass as bait, for a chance to get Bass.

 Image source: Orcsoberfest

IMO the best way to get a  Bass is using the most of worms you can to get the most amount of Tiny Bass and  Small Bass so will be easier and faster to try catch a  Bass instead to go one by one.

Sorry I'm editing with bad net so I'm keeping editing my answer as I can.

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I know your editing but when you get the chance I think your answer would be perfect with image examples, only if your able to do so and I will be more than patient for those images.
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Hi! I just add some pics, but when I be home I will add the map locations of each fishing rod, and my own pics fishing cuz I want make it looks more understable!
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you can buy fish on market too :)
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Thanks for the images, Ill be waiting even though your answer looks great