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On Orcsoberfest Island there are special fishing rods..but I can't use all of them..What is the tactic to catch Bass? Can I gain any festive points for it?

13:11 You see a simple fishing rod.

13:10 You see a stout fishing rod.

13:11 You see an advanced fishing rod.

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You got 3 fishing rods different colors.

1- The normal rod gives you a tiny bass.

2- With that one you use the rod with green color on it if you lucky it upgrades to a small bass.

3- Final you use the rod with red color on it and it will give you the Bass + 10 points.

The rods can be found closes to the entry around the water.

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In the island there are 3 types of rods on the south shore.

The simpler one gives a tiny bass and use worms as bait.

The medium rod gives a small bass and uses a tiny bass as a bait.

And the bigger rod gives a bass and uses a small bass as a bait.

It seems that your chances of getting a fish from a rod is 20%, I got a bass after using around 160 worms.
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Next to the Orcsoberfest Island Arrival Teleport, you will find several Simple Fishing Rod, Stout Fishing Rod and Advanced Fishing Rod. So all you have to do is:

  1. With Worms in your backpack you can use as Simple Fishing Rod to try to catch Tiny Bass;
  2. With Tiny Bass in your backpack, you can use it as a Stout Fishing Rod to try to catch Small Bass;
  3. With Small Bass in your backpack, you can use it as an Advanced Fishing Rod to catch Bass.

Warning: every attempt you spend Worm, Tiny Bass, Small Bass even if you don't capture the following stages.