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19:07 Xaver: Sure, I can offer a tasty leberkas (100 FP), delicious candy floss (100 FP), juicy stockfish (140 FP), exquisite unicorn weisswurst (2000 FP) and a traditional beer mug (450 FP). What will it be?

I am curious, specially about this exquisite unicorn weisswurst. Is there any effects related to these things? Or they are just to decorate places?

Post Scriptum: All knowing sausages aren't included as treats by Xavier.

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 I'm going to make a chart with all the treats that NPC Xaver provides and if they have any special effects.

TreatHow to obtainDetails

Leberkassemmel.gif Leberkassemmel

  • Can be exchanged for 100 festive points with NPC Xaver during Orcsoberfest
  • Very rare loot from Roast Pork
  • Rare loot from a lot which can be obtained by trading in 10 festive points per lot
Candy Floss.gif Candy Floss
  • Can be exchanged for 100 festive points with NPC Xaver during Orcsoberfest
Unicorn Weisswurst
  • Can be exchanged for 2000 festive points with NPC Xaver during Orcsoberfest

Gingerbread (Green, Blue, or Red) Heart

Inscribed (Green, Blue or Red) Heart
  • Previously was edible, now inedible for both versions.
  • Can't be used. However, for the inscribed hearts when you look at them a message will be displayed. For example, "13:35 You see an inscribed red heart.
    It weighs 5.00 oz.
    You read: For my love, Shawtay"
Empty Beer Mug =
Beer Mug.gifBeer Mug
My character said, "prost" when I used a filled beer mug. The beer mug then turns back into an empty beer mug and you are drunk for around 30 seconds?
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I heard that the Filled Milk churn gives mana but I'm not sure about it. I didn't test it so it can be wrong.

Food from the Xaver doesn't give you any special effects.
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cool to know about that. Well, expensive and useless stuff, except for decoration purposed I guess...
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I hope they will change it with the next event. This food cost lots of points. Since they changed tasks and boss it's useless to take this food .... But if it would give you mana/hp/or skill then I think it would be much better..