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As the topic says, I wanna know ¿how was it possible to buy premium in-game when the Tibia Coins wasn't availables?

Thanks in advance.

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Before Tibia Coins there was Premium Scrolls or buying it through friends or friend which wasn't really a good idea because when a payment is made the responsibility was yours if the payment was deemed fraud I also think this was illegal at the time if memory serves me right? I also want to let you know know good information from my sources, I'll paste them below as their a good read. 

Premium Scroll Their purpose was replaced by Tibia Coins with the implementation of the Store in the Summer Update 2015. They were intended for private use and to trade premium time in a legal way. Premium Scrolls could only be stored in your DepotInbox or Purse. It was not possible to move them out of containers or to put them onto the floor, for example. These scrolls were never dropped if the character holding them in his purse slot was killed.

Its description used to be: Using this scroll will add 30 days of premium time to your account once.

You could always order Premium Scrolls for yourself, but to transfer them to other players the following requirements had to be met:

  • The account had to be registered.
  • The account had to be a premium account.
  • Not having transferred more than 6 Premium Scrolls within the last 30 days.

If purchased by credit card or PayPal:

  • The account had to have existed existed for at least of 240 days.
  • Having a character of level 70 or higher on the account.
  • Having bought at least 60 days of premium time more than 6 months ago.
  • The payment method credit card is not blocked on the account.
  • Having not transferred more than 3 Premium Scrolls within the last 30 days.
  • Having one month of active premium time left for every scroll to be transferred.




In May of 2008 here's some news on Tibia.com: 

imagever the last few months, large numbers of fraudulent payments have been cancelled. Most of these payments were made for other players. The results for the affected players are serious as their accounts are blocked until the unpaid premium time is covered by a new payment. Even worse, every payment cancellation is recorded. Accounts on which there are too many payment cancellations will be deleted!

Because of the risks involved, we would like to remind those of you who accept payments by others that they should be extremely careful. If you rely on other people to pay premium time for you, make sure you only ask relatives or very close friends to do it. Above all, never accept premium time by people you do not know well! Remember that once you have accepted a payment, the responsibility for it is yours. If it is cancelled, your account will bear the consequences!




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I always enjoy reading your answers! Good research, up!
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Yep, by buying Premium Scrolls Premium Scroll.When using them, you got 30 premium days in your account.

This was the only 'legal way' of getting premium in game on those days. Of course many other people used to do it 'illegaly' by paying a certain amount of gps to someone who could pay premium for you.