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This morning when I logged into my account I noticed that someone has accessed my account overnight. Sold all the items on the Market, purchased and transferred tibia coins to his account using the gold from my account...

It obviously leaves the track on the Tibia website in coins history section

I must admit that the password has not been changed for a good 3 years at least and that i did not use the 2FA which is totally my fault, in addition I have never shared the password with anyone.

Never the less I wanted to ask if there is anything I can do now so this person get penalized by Cipsoft as I can show the route these Tibia coins has shifted or will reporting it will put me in trouble?

If you do think it's possible to take it further perhaps you could guide me the steps as it's a first time it happened to me?

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Did you enter to any fake tibia website?

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Unfortunately, this type of situation is a typical "your word against mine" case. If they accepted reports of this type, a player could act in bad faith and transfer coins to a character and then claim that this character hacked his/her/their account.

You can try your luck and open a ticket if you want. I don't think this will cause any problems for you, but I particularly never saw any player who was hacked manage to recover the coins that were stolen, and they definitely won't return any item you lost.

Note, however, that they cannot share hacker data unless you contact your national police and request a legal investigation.