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I'm used to dividing my backpack into sections (I'm a little freak with order), so I usually separate potions and runes in a backpack, rings in another backpack, set in another, and so on:

And whenever I use a ring, or change the set, the items automatically return to my Main Backpack, make everything messing up. Is there a way for items to return to the backpack they came from?

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Unfortunately there is no way to preset to which backpack the item will return, they always return to your main backpack.
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I know this is extremely annoying but unfortunately you can't do anything about it so far. Let's hope cipsoft does something about it.

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I think it is unanimous that this would be a good feature to add to the game
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In short, no. It is actually very sad that Cipsoft overlooked this detail so far. When you change several rings or amors, your backpack turns into a big mess. My best advice would be using Backpack of Holding or a Blossom Bag as your main container in order to make sure that you got enough room for the upcoming mess after a battle or a hunting session.