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There is a lot of backpacks and containers in tibia but I want to know the best one to use. I'm looking for one that can be my everyday backpack or container that I might get multiples of to hold my loot. Please if there are multiple suggestions you have list them all thanks. By container, I mean anything that I can use to hold loot, etc whether it be a bag or a backpack! Just please tell me why you recommend this container over another, thanks.

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Ghost backpack  without a doubt. Holds 26 slots and weighs 5oz.

Dropped by the Pale Worm  Sorry I cant find any drop rates for it but its super rare. Part of the Feaster of Souls quest

Second would be the Pillow Backpack  with 24 slots and weighing 14.5oz, obtained from Lloyd with a very very rare drop rate.

The next two would be the Bag of Holding   that  you get in the Pits of Inferno quest. It holds 24 slots and weighs 15oz, or the Winged Backpack with the same stats that you can obtain from Urmahlullu the Weakened with an estimated drop rate of 1.54%

More common backpacks that you could buy more easily or loot is the (my most used bag in the hunting and questing)  Festive Backpack  (22 slots, weighs 15oz.) from Pinata Dragon during the Tibian Anniversary or Jewelled Backpacks  (22 slots, weighs 17oz.) from many sources

If you don't have any care for weight then Zaoan Chess Box  is a good choice because it holds 32 slots with a weight of 38 oz. through the Colours of Magic world change

Also Energetic Backpack  has 24 slots and has a weight of 21.60 oz.and can be obtained during the Heart of Destruction quest

But the very best bag I can recommend is the Blossom Bag  with 24 slots and a weight of 8 oz. Obtained through the Threatened Dreams quest.

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Sorry I was replying to shaways reply and for some reason it attached to yours. Apologies. Didn't notice because I was working Blossom bag into my answer lol. Thanks for your input though Nixcomander :)
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i tend to refer to containers as backpack no matter what they are so sorry , old school verbiage
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No need to apologise shawtay. If this answer doesn't cover what you're after let me know and ill edit. Or if someone else can answer better please do.