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I want to know what items completely vanish after some time. You can give examples of the types of items and the amount of time it takes for them to vanish for example.

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Here's some:

  •  Crude Horn of BoneExpires after 24 hours (time runs if item is on houses, dp, backpack,floor), time doesn't run if item is on Mailbox (sent by parcel)
  • Magical Rings / Amulets 
  •  Heavy Crystal FragmentExpires after 24 hours, used on warzones 4,5,6
  •  Christmas Decorationswill disappear after Christmas
  • Magical Torch Will expire after November
  • Magic Light Wand: Expires after 1 hour being lit
  • Void Boots / Tiara of Power Both items will disappear after being used for 1 hour
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Hi Shawtay!

There is the list of the items I remind for now:

 Dracoyle Statue.


 Cornucopia ( Idk if is count cuz it can dissapear after some clicks)

I will keep adding the items I remember when I remember them ahaha.

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Hey, I think you misunderstood the question... (or maybe I did), because the items you listed do not disappear  with time. The Dracoyle statue will lose the enchantement and will have to be enchanted again, but won't disappear... same with the Lamp, it has to be refilled with Oil... and the cornucopia is a musical item, which may break when you play it, but it does not disappear with time :c
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maybe my example was really confusing and i did mean disappear like completely so im sorry