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Hello Everybody!

As the topic says, I always wonder how the fansites get their information? Does Cipsoft give to them all sprites, spoilers , etc?

I ask this cuz I see there is somethings that are missing on the fansites and have some that have clear information than others.

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What you see on Tibia fansites is created by the players for the players. Cipsoft provides them artwork and screenshots, however. I found an official response for you on the Tibia forums by a CM:

Fansites do indeed not receive information about quests prior to an update. The teasers that get posted on tibia.com are usually posted 1-2 days in advance for fansite admins, so that they can prepare their translations. There is no additional information for the admins - only screenshots, sometimes an artwork that can be published on the fansites.

Also once an update was released, we do not spoil any quests for fansites, the admins and other players who contribute to a fansite have to find out these things themselves.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=37503197#post37503197

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Oh that makes sense! Thanks for always answer with the sourse and verificated information <3!