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Tibia players are really talented - for example I can mention Lupus Aurelius

He is creator of the Mathmaster Shield Mathmaster Shield,

creator of the Noble Sword item,

creator of the Black Knight Doll item,

creator of the Assassin Doll item,

creator of the Dark Wizard's Crown Dark Wizard's Crown,

creator of the Shield of Destiny item


co-creator of the Crunor's Heart item.

I am wonder if there is any website or list with other creators of fansite items.

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Here you can find info about creators :)


... it's quite up to date, however there's no info about Omniscient Owl, and as I remember - Goromaphone's creator is Honourable Knight of Honera.

PS. I agree, Lupus is a master of pixel-art :D

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You should definitely add that you are the creator of the Omniscient Owl. In my personal opinion you are second the best creator :) Will u join in new fansite item contest organized by NabBot ?