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As per Tibia Wiki there are three Cavemen Gods, as follows:

  • Fasuon 
  • Krunus, plant god 
  • Pandor, warrior god 

I am looking for any informations, remarks, books, articles, etc regarding Cavemen Gods and their history as also who actually worship them.

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It is important to start with the fact that there is one more cavemen god. His name is Uztroth. To learn something about the cavemen gods you need to talk to the NPC Ulala and the NPC Lazaran.

Let me now quote part of my article from TibiaSecrets:

Interestingly, the primitive tribe has a highly complex belief system. We can mention four gods worshipped by the cavemen. These are Pandor Uzroth, Krunus and Fasuon.

If we ask Lazaran and Ulala about each of them we should quickly come into conclusion that we know their gods quite well: Fardos, Uman Zatroth, Crunor and Suon. Interestingly, Tibia Fandom describes Pandor, Krunus and Fasuon as separate gods which in my opinion is wrong.

So, the gods of the cavemen are well-known Tibia gods, but with different names.