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Before a major update there are a few previews on what will be implemented in this new update. But, before that big update, how many teasers are there?


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There is no exactly number of teasers for a Major Update. I did a fast research about it and foud that the number of teasers might vary from update to update. For example:

Summer Update 2020 - 7 Teasers

  1. Times of Turmoil
  2. Following the Curse
  3. Dark Premonitions
  4. Abandon All Hope
  5. Charms, Highscore Extension, Settings Backup
  6. Team Finder, Visualisation of Loot Lists
  7. In the Depths of Zarganash

Winter Update 2019 - 4 Teasers

  1. Darkness Before Dawn
  2. What Lies Beyond
  3. Party Hunt Analyser and More
  4. Hunting Tasks and Configurable Control Buttons

Summer Update 2019 - 6Teasers

  1. Grave Danger
  2. Welcome to Kilmaresh
  3. The Order of the Cobra
  4. Reduction of Game Window Messages and Depot Search
  5. Friend Lists, Badges and Titles
  6. Party Lists and Battle Lists

Winter Update 2018 - 6 Teasers

  1. Shattered Dreams
  2. Spooky Rumble in the Jungle
  3. Character Information & Cyclopedia Map Walk
  4. Stash Expansion, Value Colours, Boosted Creature
  5. Winterlight Solstice
  6. The Challenger - Paralyse Attacks
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CIP stated there would probably be 4 in total for this Winter Update.

"Are you planning to release two teasers a week, just like it was with summer update?"

"There will be another teaser this week and more teasers to follow after, likely four in total."

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39063728#post39063728