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This rebalancing patch is one of the most controversial update that I have ever seen, the players online dropped in 19,4% already, so this is the most hated update or there's any other that upset the players like this?

Rebalancing patch from January 28th, 2020: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=5374&fbegind=2&fbeginm=1&fbeginy=2020&fendd=1&fendm=2&fendy=2020&flist=11111111
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We had a few updates that made people really angry, here some:

  • Update 11.52 (Dec, 19th, 2017): In this one, WZ 4,5,6 creatures got a super nerf on loot and buff on strenght... This lead to those being from most popular to completely empty caves in a day. Link: Diremaw Nerf
  • Update 11.94 (Oct, 29th, 2018): In this one, the price for supplies increased a lot, there a really bad reception from the community. Link: Consumables Price Adjustment
  • Update 11.94 (Oct, 30th, 2018): Huge nerf on The Secret Library creature's experience. Link: Library Nerf . Which was later on reverted on February. 05th, 2019 on patch 12.08, Link: Library Buff
  • House / Guild Hall rent adjustment: Cipsoft annouced on Jan, 22th, 2019 the change in renting prices, the reaction from the community was very bad. Link: House Rent Changes
Those are the ones I remember, from a recent past!
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Yeah, but frankly your examples here are more than enough!
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I can't say about the WZ and Library nerf update because it doesn't affect me directly, but the houses and potions increase I think it's ok once it's really easy make money in game. The craziest thing is that this two ar minor changes and nothing compared to the recent nerf, I am really curious about how this will evolve in the next days. Many people saying will retire (I'm one of them) as soon as they pacc expires, players online decreasing, it's just crazy.
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It was not ok for many people. Many houses became empty since then in not so populated servers and low level/casual people moved to worse housing (like Senja). Frankly I still see now examples of bad/useless house with big prices in this game, which is beyond me. Potion prices didn't take into account on how the turnover of supplies get better in the current High Level meta. For example, a higher ML in a higher level will always use better the resources, so the difference calculated by players after the price spike will affect more the bottom line of the community, because the turnover of supply is bad when you are a low level player. Getting started in Tibia is a nuisance early on, and I don't see on why taking an extra bit amount of money from noobs or casual would help gold devaluation in this game. Yeah, amazons dropping valuable stuff is a problem, but making every supply expensive was terrible for the plebs. High level people cried a bit in this case too but in the end the effect only took a small slice of HL generated gold but a was a huge nuisance for casuals. Remember that HLs also got the right to get extra houses, so now Tibia can have less empty houses thanks to the fortune of the top tier players... Casuals who had legendary houses were dispatched due to price spike but well, who cares. They refused to buy Tibia Coins to maintain cosmetic houses I guess

But I agree, the last rebalancement was poorly done. Very sad. We need fixes this week.