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When we configured Tibia, we have a 3 options on the graphics: None, Smooth Retro and Antialiasing. But I wanna know the difference between them, does this have any benefit?

Thanks in advance.

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Antialiasing is for a Smooth Look. Retro is for an old school look. Smooth retro combines the two Retro and Antialiasing to create an old school smooth look. I know this because I tested it out previously and also if you hover over the settings in your options under graphics then where it says antialiasing mode it will tell you:

"If you select "Antialiasing", the Tibia graphics will appear in a smoother look. However, if you are a fan of retro games you should choose "None" to enjoy a pixelated old-school look. "Smooth Retro" combines the other two modes it is offering a smooth pixelated look."

I tested it with fps and it really makes no difference, for me at least.

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Nice answer and I am jealous of both your ping and frame rate : )
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