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Hello dear Tibians!

At the client configurations, more specific in graphics we have an option to choose among OpenGL, DirectX and Software. My question is, whats is the difference and in which situations should I use each one?

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Really good question..I always use auto select because I didn't know difference between them

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It ultimately depends on your graphics card and computer engine. But it's best to play around with it. If you play around with the engine be sure to restart Tibia afterwords for it to go into effect.
The Game Program talks to graphics card in order to figure out how to display the graphics. Your graphics card can support some or all of them. DirectX is Windows, and is almost always used in Gaming. OpenGL is open standard which is supported by most systems but you want to use this for Linux or Macs because DirectX is not going to work. Software doesn't use graphics cards which is for graphics cards that don't have 3d support.
3a) My frame rate (fps) reading is low. What can I do?
 You can navigate to Options > Graphics > Advanced. Here you can adjust your frame rate limit, view your current frame rate, or change the graphics engine. An ideal frame rate would be 40-60 fps. Please test every engine and use the one with the best performance for your system.
If you still experience issues caused by your frame rate, it is possible that you have other applications running which prevent the computer to allocate enough attention to the client. A way to solve this issue is to simply close any unused applications. Also make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date.

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Software: the client works with its own engine, without using any resources from your PC. Is an option more suitable for those who usually play with low FPS, as this option generates the maximum to increase them. However, using this option, the effects of the ambient lights are disabled.

DirectX: is one of the most famous graphics out there, and uses a little more computer resources than software. There are two options, Performance and Compatibility. The Performance option aims higher FPS, while Compatibility is recommended for those who usually have some errors while playing, which causes Tiba to close, or some alteration in the image. The lighting effects are released.

OpenGL: does not differ much in relation to FPS when compared to DIrectX. Suitable for those who have some imaging problems when using DirectX. Some users also say that with more modern video cards, Tibia runs better with OpenGL. The ambient lights are working.

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