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I play in a EU Server and I live in America, and to play i basicly cant play without map clip or proxy, someone know if there is any trick to improve my FPS and MS on tibia?
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A few ppl marked this question as duplicated but I'm gonna reply it cause I think there IS tricks to improve your FPS in Tibia other than simply apply Cipsoft recommendations or the correct graphic engine settings, I'm gonna tell you which ones worked for me for over two years hunting with a low level mage rushing all the way to 400, so I think it worked pretty well, I must admit with these things you sacrifice some comfort and makes it a little bit of a more challenging gameplay but it did make a HUGE difference to me:

-Deactivate all the "Special effects" such as light effects, animated texts on screen (the ones that shows how many experience you get from a monster, or how many HP/Mana a player lose)
-Keep your channels clean: Constantly empty the server log, the local chat, while doing something which is gonna make up a spamn of status messages on both those channels
-Deactivate the action bars and cooldown bar animations, it will still show up all the most important information, and it will not overload your computer. If you have the cooldowns already figured out, like me, then go a little further and deactivate the cooldown animation on all the bars, this one is the one it improved my fps the most, and I don't really need it.
-Do not open Battle windows when a lot of players on screen, or just play with the settings of the battle windows so they won't show a lot of people/creatures/summons at the same time.
-And last but not least I deactivated to see the spells of others on screen, but this one was a personal choice of mine since as an MS it is better for me to heal on screen, I'm faster throwing UHS on screen than on the battle so i decided to hide the spells of others to be able to see my piers HP on screen instead of having to constantly check up the battle, this helped with my FPS too.

I've had a HP pavilion gen 6 old laptop with i5 and a generic intel graphic card, my fps wouldn't go higher than 30 and really unstable, they would just drop to 1-5 and my client would crash, but with these few things I manage to get them over 50-70 and some stability.

About the MS it depends on how good your connection is, there's not really a trick but you can try playing on the nearest server from your country. Or you can just buy a proxy though this would mean you'd have to use an external software, and I won't recommend using any non-official softwares.
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This is really helpful, thanks for sharing!