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Today with the new news about Tibia. I had many questions that maybe you can help me, I want to know what happens if I decide to sell my character, but the offers I receive are not what I expected or are not enough. Can I cancel the auction before it's over, is there a way to set a price? Can I "lost" my car by the highest bid i got?

Thanks in advance.
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Just updated your questions to read "auction" instead of "audition"

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You are able to set the minimum price you will accept. Once there is a bid you are unable to cancel and auction. So as long as you set your minimum offer as a price you are fine selling the character for you will not receive an offer that you do not expect.

"On the next page you can select the starting price for your character's auction and choose at which day and time your auction should end."

"Once the first bid has come in, you can no longer cancel an auction."