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Today looking for new tapestry for my new house I found this one  Morbid Tapestry, on TibiaWiki shows it can be selled to Yasir for 30K but it doesnt show where can I got or find this item, someone knows where can I find it?

Thanks in advance.


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Morbid TapestrySadly, I asked around and tried to do my own research but at the moment I don't see a player with the Morbid Tapestry. This item was implemented in the Summer 2020 update. Could be unobtainable at this time, or a rare that we haven't quite figured out how to get. According to Tibia Fandom, it's not looted from any creature. This item is seen on the Cyclopedia and the Tibia Market, but I've checked multiple worlds and cannot find a player selling it in the past or presently. So maybe this item is apart of a quest? I will of course try to edit this post whenever I get any updates, sorry to give you bad news. I hope we can soon figure out how to get this tapestry. Source:Morbid Tapestry

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Oh!! Yes I also search on Tibia Fandom and it didnt shows any. Hope soon we can find any information. Thanks