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You see a naga basin.

It weighs 10.00 oz.

> How to get this item? 

> Is it drop from some creature? 

> Do I need to do any quests?

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It’s drop of Timira the many-headed guaranteed drop on first kill and probably can be looted again in future as rare drop

You need to the quest Within the Tides quest, the mission coastal concerns to be able to kill it

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is it a rare loot? of great value?
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I know of a single drop during the test server but I don’t know its rarity yet
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Please edit your answer as it's flagged to be edited for the following reason: Answer should be updated to mention guaranteed drop on first kill and if it is possible to loot again in the future.
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I never looted naga basin again after the first time so if someone else looted or if I loot it in future I will update this answer again….