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I found an item called Ewer on one of the fan pages.

I asked my friends how I can get it, they told me that you can get it somewhere in Northern Zao. Apparently there are 4 colors somewhere (gold, blue, silver, green). How can I get them? Where do they appear?

I would like to get them to decorate my house.

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I believe the blue one is possible to obtain now~

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There are 4 types of Ewer but only 2 are available to get, those being silver and gold.

The location of the Silver Ewer is in Northern Zao with two in the Razachai palace (first floor here and the second floor here) and one in the Lizard tower of the Northern Zao Plantations on the 4th floor here

The location of the single known Golden Ewer is also in the Razachai palace on the ground floor located here

The Blue and Green Ewers currently have no publicly known spawn

To access these areas you will need to have done The New Frontier quest, Children of the Revolution quest ( daily task is needed) and be up mission 8 of Wrath of the Emperor quest ,except for the Lizard tower Silver ewer where you just need The New Frontier quest

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All the info I could find was they aren't in the game yet and I haven't seen them but its Tibia so they could be hidden awaiting to be found. Thank you for including the image
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How can I get blue ewer?
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Hello, seems there needs to be an update to this question
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