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I have so many doubts to post this question or not, first of all I don't make this question to make controversy, I just want to know all aspect of this complicate episode we are living.

For noone is a secret that this virus is getting worse that all of us though it would. The stadist shows that everyday are more and more cases detected.

This virus is already affecting almost all countries and also it is drastically affecting the economy worldwide, today the Stock fall as al bleak economic outlook grips markets. By saying this I completaly know that have more importants problems to solve in real life than Tibia, but I wonder if, can the coronavirus also affects the game?

Thanks in advance.
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As I thought a downvote and as always without an explanation! I think my question concerns to everyone! It's a reality we have to face!

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imageear Tibians,

due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and its rapid spread throughout Germany, we have recommended our co-workers to work from home from now on, if their physical presence is not mandatory in our office building.

Curbing social contact in the following weeks is mandatory to avoid unnecessary stress to the German health system. We here at CipSoft are in a privileged position to be able to let most of our employees make use of home office. We hope that we can thus contribute to alleviating the situation.

Tibia's game worlds will keep running, this is our top priority. Operating and maintaining the game is not at risk. We will do our utmost to also ensure that the development of Tibia will be affected only minimally if at all. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience which might arise due to problems resulting from this situation.


I think thats your answer

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Thanks, I hadn't read the news.
That was the best decision.
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As we already know all of Cipsoft's employees works in their home. Fortunately it doesn't affect Tibia in any way. Everything works as usually.

The biggest changes caused by COVID-19 we can observe among players. The average ammount of players online is really high, because of this situation. On my server we beat the record of players online, even during first day after merging Nerana, Guardia and Tavara - Bona wasn't so crowded.

Because of it Cipsoft decide to implement some changes in stamina.

You can read more details in this article:

Stamina Changes and More

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In my world during quarantine we reached the same number of players online that was before the nerfing in january. We need a global pandemic to come back to the numbers before nerf.
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I can tell you from experience that youll probably notice a slow down off your internet as everyone is at home... using the internet :)