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Stonerefiners seem to be a famous spawn for tournament restricted servers due to the good profit. However this could also lure too many people and could also be a spot for PKs (I have seen a red skulled in Venore depot when I was preparing to hunt there, that does not mean there are PKs there but it made me think about it).

My question is, based on your tournament experience, if this spawn is worth visiting or if it is overcrowded in general.

Also, if you could provide profitable alternatives to this spawn it would be appreciated.

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Hi Violetissime!

The Stonerefiner's Cave is absolutely a very good respawn to hunt with low levels characters, but honestly its only good respawn 

to go if you are going with TH, cuz there is so many PK's teams.

I don't know the level you are but, just in case I will let you a list of the places I think are good to go during tournaments: 

  • Feyrist

Here you will face some monsters around the depot and the whole island that can drop good creature products, and equipment that includes BOH, also if you have enough time to do the Blue Djinn Quest you can get some money.

  • Dark Catedral
  • Mutated Human
  • Meriana

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excellent tips. I would also add that doing the tarantula and bat bestiary while you hunt in Stonerefiner can be an excellent combo. I avoided this excellent place due to PK activity and I was confused about other options. I went full DC in this case :)