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Some tournaments award points for areas that have been fully discovered. Which areas are worth spending time to discover and which should be avoided?
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Feyrist Ab'dendriel, gray island and krailos are the easiest and shortest you should start discovering this ones (feyrist is short but you need to complete the quest so no recomended during tournament)… Roshamuul is quite easy to discover but require opening so not good for tournament either….

Thais is also a good place for discovering but you will need MoTa acess or just luck to not get a point of interrest there…

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Can you tell us for sure???
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I thought that the characters came with no access quests
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Feyrist requires access (I didn't have access before I did the quest)  I discovered it 2 Tournaments ago and it took me a while to do the quest maybe because I had to wait for a specific time to do the quest and I didn't time it perfectly.