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As TibiaWiki has already noted on their website that when The Abomination raid will start1 we will receive the following message:

Something abnominale is rising! Search for its spawns! Gather an army and destroy this threat!

I am looking for the information if I have done the Measuring Tibia quest, will I receive raid notification on my map hour before, and if the answer is yes, where it would show on the map exactly (I am looking for screenshot of the map where the place would be, it does not need to have active raid at the time). 


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Hey, I got a notification saying my answer was unselected as the best answer. Is there any incorrect or missing information on my answer?
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It was temporary- for myself to get back to it. I am  trying to get more information from anyone with Svargrond area unlocked fully, if actually it will not show on the map as incoming raid - as it was marked during raid and after the raid happening. I just did not manage catch the boss before it spawned to see it myself
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I see what you mean. But there are two different things: the "active raid" mark that is placed on Cyclopedia's map when ANY announced raid happens, regardless of the subsarea it is located on; and the "upcoming raid" mark which is only placed on map if the character has completely explored the area on which the raid will happen. Since there are undiscoverable areas on the map, it is possible that an announced raid has no "upcoming raid" mark, even for players who have discovered all (discoverable) areas.

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You only receive notifications of upcoming raids in your Cyclopedia map if:

  1. It is an announced raid.
  2. The raid happens on an area that you've completely discovered.

Since #2 is not true - the place of The Abomination's raid is either part of The Void, which received a new subarea this Summer Update, or part of Boss Lairs, both undiscoverable areas -, you will only be notified about it the moment it occurs.