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I've been trying to finish the discovery of Port Hope and can't seem to find all the locations. Is it possible some are located in spots that require quest access?

Also, what happens when you finished the quest already and cant enter the spot anymore? For instance, pass the doors, etc. Is it possible? And if so, should I report it or is it intended and I should reset the points of interest?

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 The points are random however, won't get placed in areas that are obviously unreachable to you!  You might have to do quests to get to some areas. You can either open a ticket on the website or ask a tutor to report it for you :) I've discovered tons of areas so I'm aware of the Points of Interests sometimes being a problem. But I do love to also include research and facts:

>if 1 doesn't have POI's how come it gets highlighted?
Since those island are part of the area, they are getting highlighted. The same goes for houses and guildhalls. They are also highlighted but excluded from the points of interest.

> Also, is it completly random where they spawn?
Yes, completely random (given some exclusions like unreachable fields or houses and guildhalls).

> Was Points of Interest ever creatured in "quest
> areas" that your character do not have access to?
We have received reports concerning some misplaced points of interests. Most of them were already fixed during the internal and external testing phase. However, as you know, Tibia has huge landmasses and therefore it is always possible that some of them slipped through. Since more than the required seven points of interests are generated, a misplaced one does not necessarily mean that you cannot completely discover a subarea.
If you encounter a misplaced point of interest, please ask a tutor to report the location or open an ticket and get in contact with our customer support.



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Did not know more than 7 were generated but that makes a lot of sense now
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This is what they say haha :) I didnt know either
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Thank you, that's a huge help. I also had no idea there is more than seven
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Some spots can be inside unusual places, yes. 

Like,  for an example, in Zzaion a spot appeared to me in a unreachable roof, so it was impossible to finish. Spots like these needs to be reported, so they fix it.

About quests, yes, spots can be inside questing places or places only accessible after quests, like for an example:

  • Forbidden Lands in Port Hope
  • Inside Asura Mirror
  • Razzachai
  • Muggy Plains
  • Nibelor

If a spot is no longer accessible, it should be reported, tho.

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