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In my quest log in Measuring Tibia it says:

The world of Tibia is vast and wild but step by step you are discovering every corner.
You have discovered 12/19 areas

However, I want to know how do I know which areas I've already discovered and what areas I need to discover? It's been a while since I've completed the Measuring Tibia quest and navigating this Cyclopedia map is driving me insane.

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Of course you can check it by checking achievements. Every fully unlocked area gives you one achievement. Anyway in my opinion this way takes too much time. You need to know the name of the achievement, so you have to check via internet and so on.

Much faster is to check it in your Cyclopedia!

Name of areas which is impossible to explore and unlock is in grey.

Name of areas which we didn't start to explore yet is in white.

Name of areas which we started to explore, but didn't finish yet is in purple.

Names of areas fully unlocked is in green.

It is the best way to check which places you still need to unlock and which of them are already unlocked :)

PS. "and navigating this Cyclopedia map is driving me insane" -> I'm not sure if my answer is correct then, hah :D I answered too fast, reading only a headline. Let me know in the comment, I'll hide it if necesarry. Np.

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this answers my question and actually....thats crazy..i had no idea they color coordinated the names O.O thank you
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I haven't seen any option in Tibia's client that lists the explored places but the only idea that comes to my mind how to check fully discovered maps is to either go to the webpage or to your character's details in the client and check the unlocked achievements. There is one for every map.

So, for instance: exploring Carlin and it's surrounding areas gives you the achievement Long Live the Queen. Go to your achievement page and check it one by one. Although I'm not sure which one is the faster way. Perhaps scrolling through the map doesn't seem like such a bad idea at the moment. :D

Anyhow, here is the list of all the achievements if you do decide to do it this way:


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Good tip about the achievements. (: Thank you for pointing that out I actually didnt think of that