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Suppose that you have discovered an entire area and it is marked as "green" in your map, than in a Summer/Winter Update a new subarea in added to this area. Will you lose the "green" status and lose the perks of being alerted of raids in the area?

And if you lose the area, will you lose the Discovery Outfit or one Discovery Addon? (in the case where you have 10 or 15 discovered areas  and one of them becomes incomplete after an update)

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Answer to your first question is "yes", after adding a new subarea you will lose the benefits of having 100% discovered area until you discover the additional one, you will not receive notifications about raids.

I answered the second question in the link provided by shawtay so let me copy what I wrote there.

"You keep your achievement and outfit/addon but you will have to rediscover this area one more time to get an first addon (if you don't have it yet) or second  addon in the future"