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Today I drop this item Lion Cloak Patch, and I checked Antica Market and some players are selling it around 200k +/-, also looking on cyclopedia is a Creature Product that we can sell to Yasir and Augustin on Bounac, someone knows it this item have any use, or if is required to do something?

Thanks in advance.

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There is no known use for Lion Cloak Patches. Usually right after an Update some players try to sell new items for high prices hoping someone will believe them to be rare.

Lion Cloak Patches are not a very rare drop and can be looted from all Usurpers (about 10% drop rate). Valuable Creature Products are those used for quests, events or imbuements, which is not the case with this item, so it's most likely that it's only worth what NPCs pay for it, 190 gold.