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I am wondering if the necklaces which can be obtained by exchanging trust points with Tik'hi  Tak'he have any armour properties ( like: can I wear it, does it have arm.2, any protection to elemental damage, +mlvl etc)?

With relation to the following necklaces:

- Amethyst Necklace

- Diamond Necklace

- Emerald Necklace 

- Garnet Necklace

- Rhodolith Necklace

- Sapphire Necklace

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These necklaces can be warn but provide no additional properties.

You see an amethyst necklace. It weighs 4.30 oz.
You see a diamond necklace. It weighs 5.00 oz.
You see an emerald necklace. It weighs 4.50 oz.
You see a garnet necklace. It weighs 5.00 oz.
You see a rhodolith necklace. It weighs 5.50 oz.
You see a sapphire necklace. It weighs 6.00 oz.

Verified item descriptions on both https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page and https://www.tibiaroyal.com/
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do you have by any chances any screenshot with " you see........",  it would be great add
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I don't unfortunately