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Today looking a streamer I saw a guy that have a Bag you desire on the drop tracker, looking on cyclopedia it says this:

Description:It contains the most powerful artifacts from the depths of Zarganash's darkest realms - Weight:1.50 oz

Someone knows what this bag is and what it contains and where can I find it?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, the Bag You Desire drop from the bosses of Souls Wars Quest and it contain the top tier items, the items don't drop from the boss you drop the bag click on it and it will become one of the lvl 400 items, it also drop from monsters on soul war hunts if you got at last one taint active it can contain some items likeSoulbastionSoulmantel.gif Soulshell.gifSoulshroud.gifPair of Soulstalkers.gif Pair of Soulwalkers.gif Soulbleeder.gif Soulpiercer.gif Soulshanks.gif Soulstrider.gifSoulcrusher.gif Soulmaimer.gifSoulcutter.gifSoulshredder.gifSoulbiter.gif Souleater (Axe).gifSoulhexer.gif Soultainter.gif

the bosses that can drop the bag are: 

Goshnars Cruelty.gif Goshnars Greed.gif Goshnars Hatred.gif Goshnars Malice.gif Goshnars Spite.gif Goshnars Megalomania.gif

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It's possible to keep the bag or it dissapears after use it? Looks pretty nice for decoration.
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it desapear when it become a item sorry =(