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As far as I know there is possibility to loot Bag You Desire  from monsters known from the Soul War Quest area if we've got at least 1 active taint.

... and here is my doubt:

Do all of monsters have a chance to drop this bag? Or maybe only the monsters which reacts to our taint have this possibility?

For example when we're doing mission in a spooky version of Thais only Many Faces have the possibility to teleport next to us, so only this particular monster reacts to the taints.

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Interesting question as I don't know the answer to it. My team has only looted one Bag You Desire and that was from one of the monsters that 'reacts to taints'. Looking forward for a real answer :)

19:03 Loot of a branchy crawler: nothing
19:03 The following items dropped by a branchy crawler are available in your reward chest: a bag you desire

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Today while hunting Claustrophobic Inferno my elite knight looted a bag you desire from an infernal demon. We've both got two taints. In the Claustrophobic Inferno there's brachiodemons (that reacts to taints), infernal demons and infernal phantoms. It's safe to assume that the bag you desire isn't only dropped by monsters that reacts to taints.

13:36 The following items dropped by an infernal demon are available in your reward chest: a bag you desire

(we got a Soulpiercer from the bag, bis crossbow) :)

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Wooow!! It must feel super cool, see that loot on a demon! Congratz!
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Thanks, I didn't believe my ek when he started yelling "bag" at first. But then I saw the hunt analyser, quite nice profit :)
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If I were your EK i were keep yelling until now hahaahah
Super Awesome ! Grrtzzz!
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As far as I've read, you can get the bag from ANY monster if you have 1 or more taints on you.

The chances increases while having more taints (also the chances of dying lol), but chances of getting it from bosses is higher than from regular spam monsters.

Hope this helps you a little bit.