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There are a lot of highlight videos where people react in funny ways when they get this particular weapon and I would like to know why it is regarded as such a bad drop.

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It is due to it’s value on the market. If you compare any club weapons prices (an example Falcon club) to this representative axes or swords, you will see that all clubs are much cheaper. usually the most expensive are Axes, then there are swords and on the end clubs. Axes are more popular due to the believe of the players that they are “ stronger” in offence than other two. Read more https://www.tibiaqa.com/1031/what-weapon-type-is-the-best-on-high-levels-axe-sword-or-club

in addition- 98% of this players received the ”service”. What does it mean? The Soul War quest was done by another person and they are just “showing off” with the reward. To have this service usually have two option- pay a lot of money in Tibia Coins or half of the price of the item goes to the person who did the service. 

The price of Soulcrusher does not cover the price of the service, and half of the price of the Soulcrusher does not really cover waste. 

And even if it covers, it is really low profit.