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Since in all updates many items are included in the game and some of them are powerful that other or sometimes cheaper or more expensive I wish to know which is the best type of weapon for Knights on higher levels based on high level respwns. With the actual items and the new meta, what is the better choice, club, axe or sword

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This is an opinion based question and therfore does not have a right answer.
What I can tell you about the Melee Types in Tibia is that, in general, the stats are as follows.
Axe weapons have the highest attack but the lowest defense.
Sword weapons have a balanced amount of attack and defense.
Club weapons have the highest defense but the lowest attack.

I, personally feel that nowadays it makes very little difference on the mid-end game, and it ends up being a aesthetic preferece regarding the set.
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Im not sure of that , on higher levels there is some weapons like impaler of the igniter , plague bite and some others , and those items are too strong on new hunt places where you can make more damage using those items since mnsters are weaker to those elements, thats why Im asking.
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In its current form, it is opinion-based. You may want to re-word it to ask for something more specific.
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Ok I edited it

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- You prefer one handed

- You want easy start that will benefit from extra defense points


- You feel comfortable starting with more attack and less defense points

- You don't want to lose the shield for best damage at mid levels


- You don't mind starting without the best stats

- You don;t care about shields

- You aim for best damage output at mid/high levels

It comes down to personal preference. Choose the one that fits your style!

On items:

- Sword

Falcon Longsword

Umbral Master Slayer

- Axe

Umbral Master Axe

Umbral Master Chopper

- Club

Umbral Master Mace

Umbral Master Hammer

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Nice answer! but you need to take also the items like the new demonbones (Energized Demonbone, Sulphurous demonbone, Rotten Demonbone, Unliving Demonbone), gnome sword , plague bite , impaler of the igniter, for example gnome sword is a very usable weapon and on axe or club they dont have the chance of using a similar item so thats because Im asking it , because actually I think there is some disvantage using some kind of weapons
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All new Demonbones have attack under 46, Umbrals have 52/55.

Impaler Of The Igniter have attack 51, Umbrals 52/54.

Plague Bite have attack 52, Umbrals 53/54.

Gnome Sword have have attack 52, Umbrals 52/54.

The only way to be better if you use it in some mobs with weakness to a elementary damage.