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I'm wondering if there is any item from the Fansites that can be used as equipment?
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I need learn how to search better my questions!! :(

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Some items can be equiped, for an example:

  •   Shield of Destiny = Shield
  • Mathmaster Shield = Shield
  •  Dark Wizard's Crown = Helmet
  •  Friendship Amulet = Amulet
  •  Journal Shield = Shield
  •  Jade Amulet = Amulet
  •  Lucky Clover amulet = Amulet
  •  The Epic Wisdom = Helmet
  •  Shield of Endless Search

But, although they can be equiped, none of them, nor any fansite item will be useful when equiped. They don't have any stats such as defense, atk, etc...They offer no advantage.

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I think its possible to equip war bp also
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Did you have any opportunity to check it? Imo there is no reason to think that it is possible, since it doesn't work like a normal bp.
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That's why I said "I think". I wouldn't think about it if I would check it, right? :D