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Today looking houses on my server I saw a one decoration that have some stacks of "Bar of Gold" I wanna know How can I farm this item? I checked market but wasn't any sell offer, so I was thinking to try farm it, It's possible?

Thanks in advance.

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According to tibia wiki and tibia fandom, the item can be accessed by looting boss Thawing Dragon Lord.

An observation note in the Tibia fandom that says the following:" You can receive one from the accessible chest after using a loaded compass (violet) in the Magic Portal near Andrew Lyze."

 Loot: Semi-rare: 0-4 Gold Ingots, Ice Cream Cone (Blue-Barian), Ice Cube.

Rare: Bar of Gold.

"The Crowned Tree NPC can give you information on how to access this boss's room."

And you can get it from the market and by buying from other players.

Bar of Gold | TibiaWiki | Fandom

Thawing Dragon Lord - Tibia Wiki

Thawing Dragon Lord | TibiaWiki | Fandom

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I searched here and found nothing about King Zelos having looted from the Gold Bar.
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Yes I didn't find any site that say that, I had the doubt.
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00:25 Loot of a thawing dragon lord: a bar of gold  MY FIRST TRYYYY WOHOOO