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As the question states, I'm trying to see what the rarest item is. Unobtainable or not.
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I modified the question title to remove "unobtainable" as this could be confusing. If there's at least one item that exists there was a way to "obtain" it.
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Thank you, yes I see the edit is much better thank you!
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There are some items that aren't obtainable at all.
CipSoft has done this in the past and does it to this day.
This is done as an incentive for people to search for the item, same thing happens to quests, some quests are not finished on purpose.
Either way, there are items that are no longer obtainable at all.
The only way that happened back then was a GameMaster would create the item and hand out to winners of contests, there are no more GameMasters today specifically to avoid exploiting this. (There are cases where a GameMaster has benefited a friend with items). Rarely, Community Managers log in and they too can create items, but they're under heavy surveilance nowadays, it's unlikely that he'd spawn a known 'very very rare item' without being pubically announced.

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  • Crown (one)
  • Blessed Shield (one)
  • White Dress (probably one)
  • Dragon Scale Legs (documented 3pairs, but I don't know if they still exist in the game)
  • Magic Long Sword  (one)
  • Key 0000 (one)
  • Dark Trinity Mace  (I don't know exactly, apparently they gave their gm for their work)

 Rose Shield have some members of GUILD RED ROSES, but it is also a very rare and expensive thing because it is not owned by ordinary players. (probably about 8)

*  War Backpack  - maybe two people have it. this fansite site did not organize competitions.(probably about 2-3)

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Do you know how many of each exist in Tibia?
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I'm not sure, but added informations which i provide :)
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Death Priests Rod, hunting on the cave of Sandstone Scorpions. Horests tumb.
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Anothers can be:

  • Crown
  • Dragon Scale Mails
In both case only exist one in all game.
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you got crown? wtf
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There's just one magic long sword too
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and also 1 white dress