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This year i farmed alot of the stranger powders that are needed to use during the Colour of Magic event, I wonder if does this items dissapears or I can keep them on my depot for the next year?

Thanks in advance.

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Last year I keep some stranger powders so as to use them the next Colour of Magic event. Some time after, I checked my depot and all powders weren't there.

In conclusiĆ³n, I certanly belive they disapear.

I'm sorry. Have a nice day.
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Unfortunately, the powders from the event Colours of magic disappears. Items needed for missions in events usually disappear (look berries from annual autumn or carrots from winter solstice). 

During the next event we can start playing again and choose a different color, so that's is unerstanding why powders disappear (to remove the small ones that have been used disappear, the big ones must disappear too)