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Hello! As we know loyalty points give us a certain % of our base-skills but I want to know if loyalty points are also affected when you are training. For example, if there are two players both MS with the same MLVL. and both are training with exercise wands.

MS #1 has loyalty 0% and MS #2 has loyalty 50%, does the loyalty decrease the quantity of exercise wand they have to use up for a MLVL? Or there aren't any benefits on loyalty points talking ONLY about "Training"?

Thanks in advance (Hope I explained myself well).

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Loyalty doesn't decrease the number of exercise wands needed if your base magic level is the same as your friends and if you're the same vocation. This is because a certain number of skill points are required for each skill. Loyalty gets added to the number of skill points you already have. When training, it's possible to lose and then gain a loyalty modifier after you increase whichever skill your training on. Related TibiaQA question: Loyalty Modifiers

I also went ahead and created a ticket for confirmation and this is the reply I received back:

"The needed amount of rods needed to reach the next basic magic level for 2 characters of the same vocation are always the same, no matter which loyalty bonus they have. Concerning training, the loyalty bonus doesn't give you any advantage. The loyalty bonus is always calculated on top of the basic skill. However, the basic skill is the same for everybody."

Q: Which skill is counted towards skilling? The one that presented at the website, without loyalty, or the one in game?
A: Interesting question and difficult to explain. Let's assume you and a friend have the same skill level listed in the highscores, e.g. 113. However, your friend has no loyalty bonus which means he has skill level 113 ingame while you have 118. You will both progress at the same speed and reach 114 at the same time (listed in the highscores). However, you might then still be 118 ingame since it requires more skill points to reach 119.  CM reply

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Oh so those fansites where appears that you will use less weapons according to your loyalty points its totally wrong?
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idk what this fansites calculate this matter, but if 2 ppl have same skill(or mlvl) but one have 50% loyality and another one 0 then the one with 50% need less wand that the one with 0% because the actual skill of this 50% is lower and thus needs less wands to advance
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To get a certain skill you need skill points, the skill points needed for all is the same. When you have loyalty they add a percentage to your skill points depending on your loyalty. On the high scores, they don't include loyalty, so this is as if the skill points increase never happened. When fansites include loyality this is just adding extra skill and not going based off of the base level. This is what I understand from loyalty and training according to CM reply, manual, and personal experience.